1. Jesse26

    Rooftop tent on a fibreglass canopy

    Hey all, I'm wanting to get a rooftop tent possibly the james baroud RTT. It weighs 60kg and is 198cm long. Is it okay to to attach the RTT to the 2 front rhino roof racks and also the canopy roof racks? There's a sticker on the inside of the canopy that says the canopy roof racks can only hold...
  2. Todd Allsop

    Adding another light bar

    Hi all Thinking of adding another light bar to my car on the roof racks and was wondering if I can’t just piggyback off the high beam connector on the Illuminator harness and fuse it before it heads out to the roof, is there any harm in doing this? And how are people sending wires to the roof...
  3. CruisingSned

    Roof rail clip removal

    Hey all Hoping someone can help with a bit of guidance on removing the roof rail clips from a Landcruiser 105. These are the clips that hold the black cover in the rail. My super awesome panel beater who apparently cleaned the car up before I collected left a stack of swarf hidden away. I guess...