1. T

    Apple Carplay install in Troopcarrier 70 Series

    Hi, has anyone tried fitting an Apple Carplay system into a Landcruiser of any kind - 70 or 75 series? Looking to upgrade the radio system and want to include Bluetooth and handsfree options if possible.
  2. H

    Head unit recommendations for 90 series Prado

    Hey all, Been looking to remove the old cassette radio and replace with a new head unit. Wondering if anyone has suggestions or links they could throw my way for a head unit they've installed etc. Looking to replace with a double din, might hook up a reverse camera in the future. Any advice...
  3. Rackers03

    Using UHF antenna for AM/FM radio?

    G'day all, I've got an old shitbox lux for the farm ('85 Ln65 4x4 bought for $500) and the factory radio antenna has not been there for a long time now. And I was wondering if it is possible to use a UHF antenna as my AM/FM radio antenna, and if it is possible to have it mounted on the bullbar...