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  1. djbuchanan167

    ZD30 Head Scratcher !

    Hey Everyone! First time poster here! Firstly I have a 2000 Nissan Terrano which has the ZD30 in it. Engine idles very smooth and everything however it is quite hard to start, cranks for quite a bit then finally starts, it also has rather slow acceleration, blows quite a bit of black smoke when...
  2. D

    Dual battery, but No 12v power when car is parked.

    I recently bought a Ford Ranger from Ford. I added the dual battery kit as a factory fitted extra to power a fridge whilst I’m away camping. I’d never had one before and hadn’t done any research. anyway, they kitted me out with a tray in the tub and Redarc bcdc1220 charger (I wish I’d...