ZD30 Head Scratcher !


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Hey Everyone! First time poster here!
Firstly I have a 2000 Nissan Terrano which has the ZD30 in it. Engine idles very smooth and everything however it is quite hard to start, cranks for quite a bit then finally starts, it also has rather slow acceleration, blows quite a bit of black smoke when it is under load and is rather gutless and sometimes dies when cold. Ive done all the basics, Fresh Oil, All Filters done, New Glow Plugs, has a brand new MAF Sensor, All EGR System and Intake Manifold Cleaned out, turbo seems to be boosting fine and cant find any leaks. I have also done a diagnostic scan and no fault codes were lodged. Have also checked timing chain and is not stretched and all lines up.
Anyone have any ideas where to go next?? Im thinking it could possibly be the injector pump? Anything would be appreciated at this point!
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Normal Operation? Certainly not normal as I have driven a few of these and they dont even compare to the power and acceleration of this thing.


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Black smoke, is usually un burnt fuel.
Crook injector jump, injectors or low compression could be causes.