1. mods.society

    Toyota Hilux N80 Auto Mirror Folding Module - Installation video

    Toyota Hilux N80 Auto Mirror Folding Module, a great plug and play module that folds/unfolds the side mirrors upon locking/unlocking the vehicle. Installed and reviewed by Xplorer Australia! Link to product - https://bit.ly/3Dnx5Ol
  2. Lewy_88

    Walkthrough - N80 setup for Touring

    We did a walkthrough video last week. Dave has slowly added mods to his N80 to the point where he is ALMOST (who is he kidding) finished with it. It suits his touring needs nicely. He was also nice enough to share roughly how much the mods have cost him.
  3. M

    Lift kit options 2018 hilux

    Hey guys, I’m new to this whole 4wd modifications, I want some advice on a 2” lift kit. I have a 2018 rugged x (rear leaf). I’ve had mixed opinions on tough dog and old man emu but want to hear people’s opinion. I don’t carry any rear load as of yet, front set up is the stock bull bar that comes...