1. H

    Can I turbo ln106 with stock internals?

    Hi all, I’ve just brought a 96 ln106 na 2.8 and I’ve got the opportunity to buy a turbo off of a 3 litre ln106 for cheap, and I was wondering if it’s possible to put the kit in with stock internals and run enough psi (probably around 10) to get a little bit more power out and not crack a head...
  2. Lauchie

    1995 LN106 Turbo Advice

    G'day Fellas, I currently own a 95 ln106. 3L 2.8d engine in it. I'm looking at putting a turbo in. My mate has a HT18 turbo that he no longer needs due to upgrading to a cruiser. I am just wondering whether this will suit my lux rather than buying a brand new one. In the case it does not suit, I...