1995 LN106 Turbo Advice

Which turbo is preferable?

  • TD04 KIT

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  • HT18

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G'day Fellas,
I currently own a 95 ln106.
3L 2.8d engine in it. I'm looking at putting a turbo in.
My mate has a HT18 turbo that he no longer needs due to upgrading to a cruiser. I am just wondering whether this will suit my lux rather than buying a brand new one.
In the case it does not suit, I am looking at He221w's, probably the 40mm though may even go the 55mm.
Can anyone flick me some advice regarding the HT18? Or have you put a different turbo in your ln106? Prices? Brands?
Which intercooler? etc. Chuck all the info you can at me, I have next to no knowledge when it comes to turbos so even the most basic info is appreciated.
Bear in mind that I currently push 33s so I don't get a huge amount of speed. I'm looking to up my power but not