1. Toby1Kenobi

    Camper Trailer Battery Setup

    So after accidentally leaving my old AGM batteries connected after a trip, I found myself with two nuked 100ah batteries. Additionally, while away camping I found myself hawking the Volt and Amp readout on my trailer much like an old man monitoring the thermostat or Air Conditioning settings on...
  2. Toby1Kenobi

    Lithium Battery Reviews

    Righto legends, I’m about to change from AGM to lithium in my camper trailer in the 100-200ah range. I can’t trust many retailers on face value when it comes to quality and cost anymore. So, please drop you battery recommendations below with retail value, store bought from, followed by any...
  3. ktmrider

    Lithium Second Battery

    This may have been posted before and if it has been I am sorry. I am new to forums and I am not the best... I am looking at replacing my 2x80Ah AGM battery's currently in the caravan for 1x 100Ah Stark Energy Lithium battery, I have heard good things from this company. This will free up a lot...