1. Wakdaz

    AVM or AISIN manual locking hubs

    I’m keen to change my live axle hubs to freewheeling hubs. Can’t decide between AVM and AISIN, is there much difference? Cheers
  2. Wakdaz

    Welding front diff

    Gday, I’ve been curious lately about welding the front differential on my hilux Its an IFS with and Automatic Disconnecting Differential. In theory would you be able to weld the front diff, and with both hubs engaged and the ADD engaged have the effect of a diff lock. THEN, be able to...
  3. Rumbuck

    T60 vs Colorado Hubs

    Kind of a Suspension Question in the Front End, kind of a Differential Question in the rear end, so I'll post this in the Other Category, mods can move it to Suspension or Differential if they think one of those would be better. Anyway, was just wondering how different the Hubs are on the T60...