AVM or AISIN manual locking hubs


I’m keen to change my live axle hubs to freewheeling hubs. Can’t decide between AVM and AISIN, is there much difference?


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I've had a few factory fitted sets of Asin and they were a lot less trouble than the after market AVM I fitted to replace some auto hubs.

The AVM had long thin tapered socket head screws to hold everything together and they would work loose allowing water in. Asin just seemed to be better put together with beefier hex head screws, better sealed and felt more solid when you turn the centre to lock them in.
Not as flashy looking, but I'd take them as the better option.


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unsure now Bill was a while ago! think they were black, i do remember that the failure was in the body of the hub, cracked down a screw line to the wheel.