fuel consumption

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    Fuel efficiency on a 2016 single cab Ford ranger 3.2L 4x4

    Alright so I’m fairly new to all of this and I’ve just bought myself a 2016 Ford ranger. My question atm is I’m getting around just under 600km per tank. From what I’ve read it should be getting around at least 850km per tank. I don’t believe there is much weight on my single cab Ute to drag the...
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    Fuel consumption on 2001 Mitsubishi Challenger

    Hi guys I'm wondering if any of you know what fuel consumption you were getting while taking your 2001 Mitsubushi Challenger offroading? We're a convoy of 6/7 4x4's going from Cairns through the red centre, down to Adelaide and eventually to Perth. We'll mostly be hitting the offroad tracks on...
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    Landcruiser Vs Patrol

    Looking to purchase a new 4WD, and deciding between an early 100 series cruiser and a GU from around the same year. Budget is $6k-$10k, and it needs to be an auto. Will probably end up with a petrol model due to budget. Would like to know what people think are the main differences, particularly...
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    South America Trip / Fuel Consumption: Nissan pathfinder vs. Toyota prado vs. Mitsubishi Montero

    G'day lads, I'm currently in Bogota Colombia preparing for my big trip through this continent covering roughly 25.000km over the next 9 months. I need to buy a 4x4 and convert it to a camper. I have narrowed down my search and have several offers for the following models: Nissan pathfinder...