1. ScottyC41811

    Thoughts on Nissan Navara D40

    Hi guys I'm just about to buy my first car, I have got a little bit of savings but not a lot so looking on the cheaper end of the scale of 4WDs, I was wondering if some of you could point me in the right direction. Ive been looking at the Navara D40 recently and I was hoping if some of you...
  2. S

    Installation of UHF into Navara D40

    G'day lads, first time poster. I recently got a 2nd hand GME TX3540 UHF Radio and i want to install it into my Nissan Navara St 2015 D40 model. Im wondering how other people have stored them in their cars and if anybody has any tips on installing the uhf? I am also curious, i have a uniden...