1. Lewy_88

    Part 2 of the Pinnibar Trip - Wheelers Hut to Poplars Campground

    More awesome scenery and a great campground. We damaged the Dmax rear bar in a creek crossing, then winched out of the same crossing the next day. Finished the trip with a flat tyre. Great weekend away! Vic High Country - Wheelers Hut to Poplars Campground
  2. Robbie_P

    Most practical and space efficient cooking setup?

    Hi All, I was wondering what everything uses for their cooking while out camping? I have a Camp Fire BBQ Plate. Its flat, compact and I really enjoy using it. The only downside for me is having to carry wood. If the campsite had wood for purchase or could be collected, this would be my...
  3. Lewy_88

    The Big Hole to Deua River Campground - the long route

    We went back to the Deua area again recently. We camped at Berlang Campground Friday night and then did the all day drive along Minuma Range Firetrail, Mongamulla Firetrail and the Merricumbene Firetrail. Really nice area with views of the valley, creek crossings, steep terrain, nothing...
  4. Lewy_88

    Camp Oven Damper

    What are some ideas for flavoured dampers? I did a bacon and cheese one that turned out pretty good, recipe on the link below. Apple Cinamon is good too.