4wd issues

  1. J

    Help with 4wd system not engaging

    Hey Friends. Am new to this forum and owning a Triton. Just bought a used 2017 mq Triton glx plus. I noticed the 4wd light has always been flashing since I purchased it. It is flashing in 2wd mode. If i engage 4wd HI or LO nothing happens just stays flashing in 2WD. I tried looking for...
  2. 4

    2005 Mitsubishi PA challenger not engaging 4x4

    My 2005 manual challenger is in and out of 4L and 4H quite often and slides in no dramas. Today I was backing a trailer up a small incline on marshy grass and starting spinning the back wheels. So naturally I selected 4L to see if the front would help push it up, and started spinning again only...
  3. Jesse26

    Help With A Life Changing Decision

    G’day all i need some help deciding weather to keep my 2011 Ford Ranger or sell it and get something else. I want a 4WD that is going to last me the next ten years. I recently bought a 2011 XL PX Ford Ranger with just under 200 000 km on it. It’s had some issues since i first bought it such as...
  4. Twl62

    No power to transfer case servi

    Hi all new to site . My sons 2011 Great Wall x240 4wd light stays on but not in 4wd . There is power to front diff servo which is engaged. Disconnect and it disengages axles . The transfer case servo has no power . Does anyone know how to remedy this problem and get the 4wd working correctly...