46 – The Future of Electric 4WDs

We talk about the introduction of electric 4x4s and how soon they will be on the tracks with Robert Pepper.

Is Bill Shorten going to take away our weekend?  We look at what is most likely to happen as far as 4×4 electric vehicles and utes.  We talk to 4 wheel drive journalist, Robert Pepper about the future of electric 4WDs.

What will an electric 4×4 be like?

We discuss what the technical limitations are for the implementation of electric 4x4s.

Range is obviously a significant issue with the introduction of 4 wheel drives, especially when your heading out to do the Simpson or an iconic 4WD trek in your electric 4×4.

Will solar panels be able to help with the introduction of 4WDs?  Would it be feasible to use solar panels to help your electric car while travelling in the bush?

What are the targets markets for electric 4×4 vehicles?

Can hydrogen fuel cells help?  Would we be able to use hydrogen as a fuel source for 4x4s?  What is the biggest impediment to the introduction of hydrogen?

4×4 Hybrids – will they be an option?

Will we see 4×4 hybrids?  What will they be like?  How about a plugin hybrid?

How much fuel efficiency can we expect with the hybrids and electrics?  What are the advantages of electric vehicles in city and open road traveling?

What would an electric 4×4 ute look like?  Would it be practical?   Would it be a straight electric or an electric hybrid?

Where is Toyota going with its electric vehicle strategy and what will that look like in 2025?  Prado, 200 series and HiLux.

Is the rise of electric vehicles going to impact the power grid?

Given the small size of the Australian market, how will international trends dictate to us what kinds of vehicles we drive?

What is the future of Diesel?  We spoke about this a while ago, so Is Diesel Dead?  Has increasing complexity meant that the diesel engine no longer has the benefits that it originally had?  How will it compare to a petrol electric motor?

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