1. RogueTrader

    Advice on first proper family 4WD

    Hi all We’re looking to upgrade out ‘07 Outlander to a proper 4WD in the next two years. I’m looking for something that ticks the following boxes: -wife can use as daily drive, and we have three kids (age 5-13). I have a company car, so this will be the “everything else” vehicle! -must be...
  2. W

    What to buy, what to buy

    Hi All I have a bit of a conundrum at the moment. I'm looking to buy a 4x4 to do occasional camping and touring and towing, however I'm not sure what my best option will be. I do live fairly central and don't drive huge distances to work. Option 1: Max $25,000, Newish 4x4, 2005 and later...
  3. Z

    How capable are 4 cyl td’s?

    Looking to get a 4 cyl turbo diesel as i need something with atleast half decent fuel economy. I just wanted to ask how capable are these cars offroad, looking at 2003-2008 models mainly Couriers and navaras, was also looking at pajeros. Live in Western Australia, I just want to know how well...