1. Rumbuck

    T60 vs Colorado Hubs

    Kind of a Suspension Question in the Front End, kind of a Differential Question in the rear end, so I'll post this in the Other Category, mods can move it to Suspension or Differential if they think one of those would be better. Anyway, was just wondering how different the Hubs are on the T60...
  2. Rumbuck

    Wanted: External Sunvisor Suit T60

    Happy to pay freight, looking around the Bega Valley at the Moment until New Years, then will be driving up the coast to Brisbane after New Years, so could pick up on the way.
  3. Rumbuck

    Difference between VM Motori 428 Engines?

    Hey guys, Was hoping someone can pin down for me the difference between different VM Motori Motors, mainly: R428 2001–2007 Chrysler Voyager (Automatic transmission) (power: 150 hp (110 kW); torque: 251 lb·ft(360 Nm)) 2001–2004 Jeep Cherokee/Liberty (power: 150 hp (110 kW); torque: 251...