1. M

    VSR and MPPT combo vs DCDC charger

    Hi, I currently have a basic dual battery system. It is comprised of a VSR which separates my aux battery which is in a battery box in my Ute tray. I want to add a fixed solar panel to my roof of my canopy and am tossing up between two options. I don’t have a smart alternator. Option 1...
  2. M

    Help! I Am Trying to Wire Up a Kings Battery Monitor

    My solar setup is designed for use independent of the vehicle, and the solar panel is the battery's only charging source - there is no battery charger in the circuit. Otherwise it's a 250W solar panel through a Kings solar controller (there's one on the panel too, but I am a sucker for a sales...
  3. REViXiSSE

    Mazda Tribute Dual Battery w/ Solar Project

    Hi All, I am in the middle of rewiring up an older 2004 Mazda Tribute to take out camping that will run as a somewhat sustainable power hub for a bunch of 12v accessories, and I was hoping to pick the brains of those with more experience in this area. I have attached a diagram of my current...