1. S

    Fabricator / Welder in Ipswich area

    Hi, I'm in need of som recommendations on fabricators in the Ipswich / Brisbane are that could put rack on my trailer where I can mount a rooftop tent on. I have a 6x4 box trailer with cage and am looking for something like in this picture. Appreciate any recommendations you guys might have...
  2. lisajane

    Dune4wd RTT

    Thinking about getting a RTT to go up to the tip in September, taking 3 weeks off. Has anyone tried the Dune4wd RTT's? Saw it in Anaconda the other week and it didn't look too bad but was wanting to know if it was worth it...
  3. Damien Pries

    Rtt noise issues on highway

    Hi guys I have this issue with my roof top tent hence why I started taking it off when not hitting the trails.. I put it on to go for a two night stay at yalwal and the howling on the highway is doing my head in.. (and it’s not my racks) just curious if anyone else experience’s this and if there...