1. J

    Bought the wrong 4WD

    Howdy, I made the mistake of buying a BMW X7 50D- received it in December 2019. I bought it for the 7 seater capacity for the kids and my new extended family but have spent the last 10 months enjoying the dirt roads in the Blue Mountains / Megalong Valley. The kids love it when I hit the dips...
  2. Appsjosh0

    Hilux wheels and tyres

    Hi guys I’m looking at upgrading my tyres and wheels and don’t know much about it. guy at the tyre Shop told me to jump on here and ask for some opinions, I was looking at going up to some 32inch tyres what size rim would I be better off going to
  3. Mitch12345

    MQ Triton 33's?

    Hi Guys, Looking at upgrading my 31's to either 32's or 33's. I have a 2" lift kit installed and bullbar. Currently has 265/65-17 A/Ts. What rim size and tyre dimensions are people running comfortably with a 2" lift? Don't mind switching rims and will be going M/T's this time Thanks in advance...
  4. K

    Brand New Rims are Wobbly - is it normal?

    G'day all, I got a brand new set of 15" x 8" Sunraysia Rims with 31" Hankook Mud Tyres fitted about a week ago. I went on my first longer drive with them the other day and someone driving behind me said my rear-left wheel was wobbling from side to side. I didn't notice any vibration really, not...