1. Lewy_88

    Lithgow trip with 13 4wds!

    This trip we led 13 cars from Canberra up to Lithgow. The plan was to hit most of the hard tracks and have some fun on the flex tracks as well. We ended up doing Ali Baba's Cave, Pipeline, Moon Rock and Ranger Bobs. Not all cars tackled every track, but the bigger rigs certainly did. We had a...
  2. Lewy_88

    Mt Walker to Baal Bone Gap

    The second part of our trip. After lunch on Saturday we went to Mt Walker. That is one gnarly climb, its full of loose rock and some massive rock steps. Stu was the only one to drive it in the jeep and it made for some great footage. The drone shots from the top are epic. Moving on from Mt...
  3. J

    The Bridle Track

    Hey guys, New member here, have recently purchased a 4wd and looking to head out on my maiden voyage. The trip I'm planning is from Capertee to Sofala via upper Turon Rd. Then from Sofala to Hill End and heading down the bridle track to Bathurst. I know that you cant pass at Monaghan's Bluff...
  4. Lewy_88

    Video: Lithgow and Lake Lyell Campground - Colorado goes BANG

    The second part of our trip meant it was time for the Colorado to take on some of the formidable Lithgow tracks. The first was Old Drift Road, it is a fun challenge for any vehicle with open diffs. Lots of fun and laughs there. Camp on Saturday night was at the Lake Lyell Campground. Really...
  5. Lewy_88

    Lithgow - Glow Worm Tunnel/Lost City and Ranger Bobs

    We headed for Lithgow a couple of weeks back. We left Canberra on Friday night and went looking for the couple of the camp sites out along the trail that heads to the Glow Worm Tunnel. We went straight past the first one and headed for Barcoo Swamp Campground. This was a mistake because the spot...