landcruiser wagon

  1. S

    Solo Trips

    G'day lads, Long time lurker, first time poster. I figured it was time to make an account, introduce myself and ask a couple of questions. Born and raised in Townsville QLD, I have a 94 80 series with the mighty 1fz and boy, does it pull like a train. Funnily enough, I grew up in a very similar...

    Victorian high county 5day trip

    Hi guys, Just planning a trip into the Victorian high county this Easter holiday and need some help planning. So I'm relying on your experience and knowledge to help me out here. We want to spend 5 days there seeing as much as we can and trying as much 4wd tracks as we can. We will be self...
  3. Silveredition

    VDJ76 for sale or swap

    So, I convinced my Dad to buy a 76 series in March this year. He sold his Hilux Extra Cab and bought a 1 owner (non miner) 2012 VDJ76 Workmate with only 78000kms on it. He spent the past few months adding things to it and towed his 17ft Jajco to Ningaloo Station for his yearly trip up there -...