landcruiser 79

  1. R

    Which Ute should I buy?

    Recently I've been looking for a 4wd ute to buy. I've set myself a budget of 40k, I don't need a loan as i am using savings. I could spend more within reason. I've narrowed it down to about 2 options, either a 79 series landcruiser or a bt50 single or extra cab. I've chosen the bt50 over all the...
  2. Mani240v

    LC79 Sandy Taupe

    G'day lads, Hope all is well with everyone. i bought a new fourby, so i thought i would share the progress. Any questions i'm more than happy to answer anything including costings. Full sound deadening with insu-layer and car builders deaden-er Alpine Type R's on all four corners with Dept of...