diff locks

  1. A

    Diff lock

    Ok I have the 2018 triton gls mq which is super select. Now I’m know the center diff lock is 50/50 front and rear diff lock. In the exceed you can use rear diff lock if wanted. My question is Is there any wires behind the dash that I can access and use my rear diff lock only?? Any help is...
  2. Waswell

    Issue with rear diff. Replace, Refurb or wait and see? Diff lockers?

    Relatively new to 4wd's so go easy. I've bought a Landcruiser HZJ105 (2002) last October with 300k on the clock. I was well aware there'd be creases to iron out, plus plenty ongoing to get it to and keep it in good order. What i was after was a simpler older truck that I could learn a thing or...
  3. Wakdaz

    Welding front diff

    Gday, I’ve been curious lately about welding the front differential on my hilux Its an IFS with and Automatic Disconnecting Differential. In theory would you be able to weld the front diff, and with both hubs engaged and the ADD engaged have the effect of a diff lock. THEN, be able to...
  4. HiluxingAlong

    Help... Lost in the world of diff locks!

    Ok, as a relitivrel new 4x4er I'm drowning in a world of opions with diff locks. I have a '96 Dual Cab Hilux and I'm on a budget and looking for the most cost effective gains... Front or rear? Air or mechanical or electrical actuation Auto locker or manual? Helllllllppppp