1. Toby1Kenobi

    Camper Trailer Battery Setup

    So after accidentally leaving my old AGM batteries connected after a trip, I found myself with two nuked 100ah batteries. Additionally, while away camping I found myself hawking the Volt and Amp readout on my trailer much like an old man monitoring the thermostat or Air Conditioning settings on...
  2. Toby1Kenobi

    Lithium Battery Reviews

    Righto legends, I’m about to change from AGM to lithium in my camper trailer in the 100-200ah range. I can’t trust many retailers on face value when it comes to quality and cost anymore. So, please drop you battery recommendations below with retail value, store bought from, followed by any...
  3. M

    VSR and MPPT combo vs DCDC charger

    Hi, I currently have a basic dual battery system. It is comprised of a VSR which separates my aux battery which is in a battery box in my Ute tray. I want to add a fixed solar panel to my roof of my canopy and am tossing up between two options. I don’t have a smart alternator. Option 1...
  4. B

    Dual battery tripping CB

    I’m running a dual battery setup with my aux battery (120ah agm) behind the back seat in the cabin. 6b&s cable from the starter battery to a projecta idc25 which is positioned next to the aux battery, earthed on the bolt that secures the seat (I’ve removed the back seats for extra room and am...