1. Lewy_88

    Deua NP - Oulla Creek Ft to Hanging Rock Lookout

    Oulla Creek Firetrail is a great alternative to driving the full length of Merricumbene Firetrail. Driving in the easterly direction is fun with a long loose climb being the most difficult. There is a nice creek at the end of the trail which would be a good spot to stop for lunch. From there you...
  2. Lewy_88

    The Big Hole to Deua River Campground - the long route

    We went back to the Deua area again recently. We camped at Berlang Campground Friday night and then did the all day drive along Minuma Range Firetrail, Mongamulla Firetrail and the Merricumbene Firetrail. Really nice area with views of the valley, creek crossings, steep terrain, nothing...
  3. Lewy_88

    Bendethera Via Misty Mtn and Merricumbene

    Hi All, This is an awesome route. Here is our video from the trip, some cool creek/river crossings, drone footage, shots of the campground, caves walk and the drive home to the west. Misty Mtn Road (off the Kings Highway) Merricumbene Firetrail (off Araluen Rd) Bendethera Campground Cheers, Lewy