1. Jommy

    1989 Toyota Hilux SR5 Restoration build (first 4wd)

    Hey everyone, Thought id do a post on my first 4x4. Just bought this 2 months ago. I knew it had a lot of hidden rust, ended up being way more then originally thought. The engine has been looked after and it seemed like bit of a rare find. Thats what made me pull the trigger. Auto locking hubs...
  2. Jommy

    1989 Hilux sr5 with 265/75R16?

    Gday everyone, Currently doing a restoration on an old 1989 lux. Almost done and am sussing out tyres for her now. Just wanted to know how 265/75R16's would fit on her if anyone has experience or knows? Same as a LN106. Cheers