Track 1 – Preparing for your first 4WD trip out

Our first Track covers  the story of my first trip out in my Jeep Patriot and we are going to cover off on all of the mistakes that I made on my first trip out.  There was a lot of them, including the vehicle ending up on the back of a truck, going back to Jeep for repairs!  More importantly we will go over some great tips to help you be much better preparing to go offroad in your 4×4!

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In this Track we will discuss:

My first time out and how my Patriot ended up on the back of a truck 🙁

What you should take out on your first 4×4 trip.

What type of 4WD trip you should be thinking about.

How to best prepare for it.

This is a great podcast for new 4 wheel drivers to have a listen to.  Please share it with anyone new you have coming out on their first trip.

I haven’t done the PDF yet, but here is the link where I asked all of the clever people about how to prepare for a first trip.




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The details for Anderson’s Track.

Jeep Patriot 4x4

Here is a picture of the Mighty Patriot.  Check out those tyres.  This wasn’t my first trip, but actually our first 4x4earth Victorian trip!  NickJ was trip leader.  At least we had premium sound.