54 - Tips for a 4WD newbie heading out on their first 4x4 trip

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Tips for Newbies going offorad

If you are are 4WD newbie heading offroad for your first trip, then you will definely what to listen to our 4x4 newbie podcast.  Definitely have a listen to our newbies podcast edition.

My first time out 4 wheel driving  we ended up on the back of truck!  So have a listen to this podcast and get some ideas on what to do so you get out safely, have a great time, and get back safe as well, ready for your next trip out.  A few years ago, I ended up in a creek crossing that wasn't that deep, but ended in tears. 🙁

Common mistakes the 4WD newbie makes.

There are a lot of mistakes that newbies make going offroad.  Here are some of the most common mistakes that newbies make heading out offroad.

  • Going out alone.  If you get stuck there is no one to help.
  • Not having some basic recovery equipment.  At least a shovel.
  • Picking tracks that are too difficult for their experience and/or vehicle.
  • Have a communications plan.  (Mobiles may not work where you are going)
  • Getting caught out by the weather.  A track that is easy in the dry can quickly become a nightmare in the wet.
  • Not being prepared in case the trip takes longer.  People sometimes get lost, or get stuck, and having clothes, food and water can make it a lot safer and comfortable.
  • Not having a map.  Paper is great, especially if your phone doesn't have reception.

Have a listen to the podcast and your 4wd newbie trip should go a lot smoother.

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