Dust n Dirt 4WD Club

Club Description

Based at the foot hills of the Blue Mountains in Western Sydney, the Dust n Dirt 4WD club was established in 2007 by a group of like minded families that wanted to go 4WDing in a family friendly environment.

We encourage our members to actively contribute ideas and organize trips to insure a variety of outings and promote the ownership each member has. Club Membership is open to all people interested in 4WDriving.

We are conscious of the environment and believe in having a great appreciation of Australia's bushland, heritage and history.

We do not require you to have completed a 4WD driver training course to join the club, as we feel that you will gain more experience by participating in 4WDing with a good group of people seeing and undertaking in recoveries with other experienced club members.

Our club adheres to the Tread Lightly principle and all trips are conducted in safe and environmentally conscious fashion reducing the impact to vehicles, flora and fauna.

We encourage all prospective members to participate in an introductory club trip.

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