Settlement Creek

Campsite Description

This an campsite for when you are on your way to somewhere else.

A small clearing about 250m off the Carpenteria Hwy on the Eastern side of Settlement Creek.

There is a water hole adjacent; there was running water there in October.

Yep there are crocks in the water given the number of red eyes at night in the torch light. Not sure if they were freshies or salties - assume that they are salties unless you find out otherwise.

There is a place on the bank which is about 4m above the water so you can throw your bucket, tied to a rope to get some water for washing and the like.

While there is evidence of fires been lit there before, best try and survive without an open fire.

As with all bush camps, leave the place clean and tidy.

Campsite Features

No Site Fees
Water Available
Open Fires

Campsite Images