Peters Creek

Campsite Description

This is a great spot for crabbing aswell as camping it has sheltered camping spots and you dont have to walk for miles to find crabs, small boats can also be launched if you fancy doing a spot of fishing.

Bald Hill is another place to camp but you are on the open beach with not much shelter.

To get to Peters Creek once on Bald Hill Road take the only track to the right and follow this to the end where you will find numerous camping spots, there is a tidal creek crossing on this track so if you are not in a 4x4 plan to cross at low tide and keep to the right when making the crossing as it can be deep and boggy on the left.

NOTE: This campsite is closed when the Defence Force is conducting weapons testing at the Base. (usually weekdays)

Campsite Features

No Site Fees
Non 4WD Access
Dogs Allowed
Open Fires