51 – What we can do to maintain land access with Bill Schulz

We we continue our discussion with Bill Schulz from the Bush User Group United about some proposed changes to land in Victoria and why it is important that all of the Bush Users come together.

This is the second part of our Interview with BUGU Organiser – Bill Schulz.

4×4 Access – United we Stand, Divided we Fall.

There are a lot of users of the Bush and a United Front could help us to maintain access for everyone who wants to use the bush.  We discuss the Bendigo State Forest and the impact that the conversion to National Parks.  The economic impact can mean that the facilities we need, like fuel will become scarce as businesses close as tracks close.


Here is Roothy at the BUGU Rally.

Bill talks about how 4WD Victoria wasn’t represented at the Rally.  The issue of Government funding to 4WD Victoria creates the appearance of a conflict of interest.  Have a look at the Press Release that 4WD Victoria released about the proposed changes and their lack of action around it.

We look at what we can do to maintain land access for all.

Ensure that you are talking to your politicians about land management, bush fire reduction, land access and track openings.

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