Track 9 - 4WD Suspension and Lift kits

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Resident expert Jason Lock joins us to talk all things Lift Kit and Suspension for your 4x4.  We give you the information you need to choose the right kind of lift for your 4WD, what they different types of lift and suspension are, what can go wrong with lift kits that are illegal or badly designed and what impacts a lift kit can have on your insurance.

Listen in for Jason's thoughts on:

What is a lift kit?  How much is too much and what effect does it have on your 4x4?

What is diff drop?

What is an electronic sway bar disconnect?

How to avoid a canary on your next trip out.

How to make sure your car will be insured by your 4WD insurance company.

Dodgy mechanics will install lift kits that may not be road worthy, so it is important to use reputable mechanics who know the rules and legislation for lift kits and suspension.

How do poor lift kits cause rollovers?

How does weight affect the lift kit you need?

Why don't some insurers cover air bag suspension?

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Submitted by Biggsy Biggsy
Latest podcast @Patriot is best so far mate. Great work, best information you will get about the late,modern and future of 4wd's and its free.
This one is a must listen
Submitted by lockee lockee
Thanks for the feedback
Submitted by Biggsy Biggsy
This podcast was a great listen, many heated suspension chats around a camp about suspension lifts.
this podcast explain it simple and correctly.
Submitted by Stevessurfsup Stevessurfsup
You could be right, if it wasn't for the fact that it is my daily drive as well :oops:. That does give me a better understanding though of the different advantages for each - thanks very much.
Submitted by abw abw
A body lift, as you've probably figured out, will give you more room under your guards for bigger tyres. The downside, as Aaron has mentioned, is that it may affect other gear like bullbar, rear bar, sliders, brake lines, radiator etc etc. A body lift won't improve your rampover, as your chassis rails (which don't move) will be the lowest point. And your approach and departure angle won't change, unless you do mods to your bull bar and rear bar (which are attached to your chassis).

A suspension lift of 1-2" will give you a better approach/rampover/departure angle. But unlikely do much to improve wheel clearance. As your suspension will compress to your standard bump stop.

Maybe a 2" lift and a jig saw will be the way to go...ha ha:)
Submitted by Stevessurfsup Stevessurfsup
Hi Aaron,

Thanks for coming back. I've got a 1996 Toyota Surf (aka 4Runner in your neck of the woods) and I wanted to put some larger tyres on it, speculating on 33's maybe, but they definitely won't fit as it stands. I think if I am only lifting it 2" I can get away without needing to modify anything else like the brake lines etc, anything further and I believe I would need to from what I have read on line. Are you aware of any advantages over one or the other if I do go down this route (body over suspension or is a compromise (1" on each) best?

Submitted by Aaron Schubert Aaron Schubert
A body lift takes your body and picks it up off the chassis. A suspension lift picks your chassis up along with the body.

Neither give you more ground clearance; that is determined by the tyres. They will however, both give you additional entry, exit and ramp over angles, which can be important.

Most of the time lift kits are installed to fit bigger tyres, as they will rub on the guards.

I wouldn't lift your vehicle at all, unless you have a great reason to do so. Body lifts can require significant work as some parts of your vehicle are attached to the body, and others the chassis. Separating them further can mean modifications to radiator hoses, steering shafts, gearbox levers etc.

What vehicle do you drive?

Submitted by Stevessurfsup Stevessurfsup
Hi Jason, Thanks for the podcast, very informative. Question though, what is the difference, advantages/disadvantages, between a body lift and a suspension lift? I want to do a 2" lift on mine, was considering 1 1" body and 1" suspension, what would you advise and why?
Thanks in advance.

Submitted by Patriot Patriot
Patriot submitted a new blog post

Track 9 - 4WD Suspension and Lift kits


We talk to Jason Lock and learn all there is to know about Suspension and Lift Kits for your 4x4.
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