Track 8 - 4WD winches and winch warranties - which one to buy?

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Winches are a really important bit of kit on any 4WD.  Whether you put one on as a bit of insurance, hoping to never use it or if you go offroad expecting to winch out - you need your winch to work.  One of the things that I have been amazed with is the number of times winching has been needed and the winches have failed.  Some winches have a notorious "Water Clause" in them, which means that the warranty is invalidated if they go under water, which means you can't do creek crossings!  Find out which winches are good and which ones have issues in our interview with Swaggie, 4x4earth moderator and winch expert.
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Submitted by Patriot Patriot
Hey Muddy HiLux, don't feel too bad, heaps of people get caught by it. I almost think that if they aren't waterproof they are not fit for purupose. It is pretty crzy to be selling them without being able to get them wet. That is why @Swaggie has been going through and looking at the different models.
Submitted by MuddyHiLux MuddyHiLux
Hi Chaps, I am new to the site and new to 4x4ing. I bought a brand new early 2015 Hi Lux turbo diesel just before the new model...I wanted the final model with all the kinks out rather than the brand new model. Anyway I put a TJM winch on after a bad episode in the mud at Watagans National Park...took us 3 hours for us to dig our selves out and snatch strapping 3 4x4's out of a mess of clay. Its a 9,500lb winch and I have had a look at the small print and it says not waterproof. I feel ripped off, but its my fault for not doing my homework. I just assumed it would be water immersible. I haven't spooled it out for a few months so thats a job for this weekend. Thanks for the really useful pod cast and all the others. Awesome.
Submitted by RookieDave RookieDave
Thanks fellas, very interesting.
Submitted by Patriot Patriot
Patriot submitted a new blog post

Track 8 - 4WD winches and winch warranties - which one to buy?


We talk to Swaggie about what a 'water clause' is, why they are bad and which winch has the best warranty.
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