Track 7 - 4x4earth Gatherings - great friends and great 4 wheel driving for new and experienced 4x4 drivers.

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4x4 camping

4x4earth runs Australia's largest 4WD weekends away.  Davidman goes through what makes these events so much fun, what everyone does at a 4x4 earth gathering.  More importantly Dave talks about how to organise a 4x4earth gathering.  These gatherings are a really important way for people new to 4 wheel driving to join in and learn the skills of camping, 4 wheel driving and getting out and enjoying our magnificent country.   Our gatherings have grown over time to be Australia's largest free 4WD weekends away.

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Exciting things we mentioned in this track!

Check out these amazing 4x4 pictures of Lake Baikul!  These are truly spectacular.

To see all of the fun of Australia's largest free 4WD weekend away.

Check out the 8th Annual Victorian Gathering.  It is only a couple of weeks away and not to late to let them know that you are coming along.

And don't forget the South Australian 4x4 Crews weekend away as well.

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