Track 5 - How be a 4x4 Trip Leader

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4WD Trip

Every weekend hundreds of people all over Australia set out as leaders of a 4WD Trip.  Whether it is just you and a couple of mates or an organised trip with 10 newbies, we discuss with NickJ the things that you should think about before, during and after your big trip out.

Being a great trip leader is really important because it helps people get out and explore the great outdoors that we have and also introduces new people to 4 wheel driving.  NickJ was the trip leader for the first 4x4earth trip in Victoria all those years ago, so sit back and listen to all of Nicks awesome experiences as a trip leader so we can all go out this weekend and have a great 4WD trip.


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Submitted by G.T. G.T.
All quite sensible stuff, but I'm not sure this one would work too well in a convoy on dusty roads.
Legitimate point and sensible adjustment have to be made to suit the current situation.
Submitted by Gavo Gavo
All quite sensible stuff, but I'm not sure this one would work too well in a convoy on dusty roads.

If you cannot see the car behind you, slow down until you can.
Submitted by G.T. G.T.
In our wheeling group the trip leader is at the tail of the group.
Vehicle with heaviest recovery kit in the middle-ish.
Pathfinder/Navigator in front.

We also have a route brief before hand so that everyone knows what route we are taking, and what to expect. All planned stops are marked as well as bailouts for emergencies. Primary radio frequency agreed upon, as well as backup frequency. If leaving group you must inform leader so an unnecessary search and rescue effort doesn't take place.
the website has geoPDF maps of entire country for free downloading. Multiple phone/tablet apps allow importation and printed editions are available. Everyone has at least the digital copies.
Every vehicle gets a FRS/GMRS hands-talkie if they don't own one themselves. We have about a dozen extras that we have collected for this.
"Pathfinder" rolls out when leader gets an affirmative from all drivers that they are ready. Leader in the back gives the "lets roll" broadcast.
If you need help honk three times, call on radio. All will halt and work together to sort it out, take pictures of your goof, talk trash to you and so on.
If you cannot see the car behind you, slow down until you can. Stop and call on radio if they are longer than expected delay. Pictures and attention to landscape as well as flora and fauna do cause slow downs from time to time.
Bio breaks, boys to the right, girls to the left.
Minimum of one rated recovery point front and rear.
Carry minimum two shackles and a strap in each vehicle. We have extras for new people that we have collected for this.
Absolutely no one in cars that are engaging in recovery. Everyone not directly involved must stay clear. None of us wants to explain to your loved ones how you perished during a recreational event.

I could go on but I reckon most of this lines up with what others do as well.
Submitted by chris_stoffa chris_stoffa
And conversely there are those that think that as Team Leader they know it all, think that if they drive at the front thats all they need to do and actually make what could be a great drive turn sour.

There is good information in the podcast for not just the budding TL but for those that think they know it all as well............ but I doubt that they would take any notice anyway :rolleyes:

Great Info
Submitted by rogerazz rogerazz
All good info. However in my opinion, I reckon a designated trip leader has a fair responsibility in making some effort to keep things safe. A different situation is if a few blokes decide to go for a drive up the tracks and everyone tags along or gets into it with no real leader as such.
However , if someone is designated as the official trip leader say at an Annual Meet, then I reckon it does need that leader to know the area, familiarize themselves with each individual's experience, their vehicle, their equipment, etc. and make a decision as to the suitability of that person.
I personally have seen some individuals head out on a trip, some with no real experience or understanding as to what they are getting into and unfairly expect that the trip leader will "lead them and save them, no matter what".
I reckon these type of people would not have much of their own recovery equipment , let alone be able to help someone else.
I call that, jumping in the deep end.
When I was traveling through Robe S.A. recently, I spoke with one of the local caravan park owners. He told me that a tourist from his park had driven his 4wd onto the beach, down onto rocks, (about a meter or so drop) to the ocean, When he called for help he said, "I was told when I hired this 4wd it would go anywhere":eek:.
Submitted by Patriot Patriot
Patriot submitted a new blog post

Track 5 - How be a 4x4 Trip Leader


We discuss what you need to think about before, during and after a 4WD Trip as leader Leader to make it a great trip for everyone.
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