Track 2 - Snatch Strap Recoveries

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In this episode we interview Jason Lock from TJM to learn how to properly and safely use a Snatch Strap.  Used poorly, Snatch Straps can kill, so it is really important that you know exactly what you are doing to avoid killing or injuring yourself or someone else, as well as avoiding damage to your vehicle.


We also look at what to look at in a snatch strap and what brands to avoid.



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Here is the thread about Jayden Nightingale, the young guy who was hit in the back of the head.  He ended up in a coma, but looks to have made a good recovery.  Could of been a lot worse!

Our thread explaining Snatch Strap use.

List of ACCC recalls, including the Hercules / Tigerz 11 Snatch Strap.

An article about a woman who was a passenger in a vehicle performing a recovery who lost her life.

This is a real tragedy.  Please share with your mates so everyone knows the right way to conduct a snatch strap recovery.



The hole made in a windscreen from a towball.