Track 0 - Introduction to 4x4earth

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In this track we learn about the story of 4x4earth, how it all started and how we want to spread our love of 4 wheel driving and enjoying the great outdoors.  We go over the early days of the forum, talk about a couple of the early mods.

I'll also discuss my 4WD.  What mods I've done and want I wan to do to my BT-50.

We also look at why 4 wheel driving is so important for many country towns.  Enjoy!

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Here is a video from the first 4x4earth trip - organise by Goldrush.  Awesome.

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Submitted by Biggsy Biggsy
Podcast "Soundcloud" app been discussed. Find it agreat for all my podcast
Submitted by Croozer Croozer
Yep! See what you mean James! Might be a good idea to get a few more guest speakers at the 4x4 show. I even think Rod might have a chat with you on one mate.
Great work;);)o_O
Submitted by Patriot Patriot
Hey guys, thanks for all of the feedback. It was the first podcast, so hopefully they will get a lot better.
Submitted by 80lover96gxl 80lover96gxl
That was pretty cool James,,looking forward to the next one for sure.
Submitted by Swaggie Swaggie
Nice Podcast James
Submitted by mitschal02 mitschal02
Mate awesome podcast really enjoyed it, looking forward to more :)
And yes you and a snorkel are a must lol
Submitted by Patriot Patriot
Thanks, this was the first one I've ever done, so a bit rough. The next couple are pretty good. You have an awesome story to tell Grumps!
Submitted by Grumpy Grumpy
Great podcast James, hope your not expecting too much from me, Ha HA!
Submitted by 4x4admin 4x4admin
Patriot submitted a new blog post

Track 0 - Introduction to 4x4earth


Discover the story behind the start of 4x4earth, Australia's largest free and independant 4WD website
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