45 - The future of 4 Wheel Driving with John Rooth

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This is the next episode of our chat with John Rooth, Australia's most famous 4 wheel driver. Check out the previous episode where he talks about why he left 4WD Action.

We talk about 4WD design, engines and features where are we at and where are they going to go?

John Rooth and politics

What about Roothy’s run for Canberra, and some of the issues with politics at the moment.

As the cities get bigger, it is more important to focus on keeping tracks open, especially closer to the cities.  Attracting more 4 wheel drivers can have a big impact on the local economy and the resources available to the people who live there.

How do we create an industry around 4 wheel drive tourism.  Roothy chats about his crack at running some 4WD tours and what killed it off.

How can we improve the insurance for 4WDs?  There are problems around vehicle insurance and professional indemnity.  What are the solutions?  Too many people are scared to take newbies out on trip runs because of the insurance issues.  The perception that trip leaders need insurance to be able to run a trip.  This has driven a lot of trips out of the public eye

Roothy shares his experience with a vehicle insurance scam and how to avoid it.

Is there now a decrease in common sense and an increase in people looking to blame people when they have an accident and does that decrease the number of public trips and also the willingness of people to take newbies on a trip.

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