41 - Everything you want to know at diffs, lockers and eLockers with Heath Moore

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air locker vs elocker

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The air locker vs eLocker question is one of the most popular discussion points on the 4x4earth forum.  We decided to get an expert in to discuss the difference.

Heath is the General Manager at Harrop Engineering.  He drives a Harrop Superado, an Holden Colorado with an upgunned V8 Harrop supercharger engine.




V8 supercharged superado
The Supercharged engine of the V8 Superado


Harrop was started in 1955 by Len Harrop in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.  His son had the Harrop Howler, a very fast quarter miler. Heath talks about how Harrop has transitioned about from supporting the Australian vehicle manufacturing industry to exporting components for vehicles like the Toyota Tundra.


Tundra eLcoker
A Toyota Tundra fitted with a Harrop eLocker



We discuss what exactly an eLocker is and how it works with the diff.  Heath talks about how the eLocker passes the 300,000 km durability testing.  Originally developed by Eaton for the military, the eLocker is designed for reliability and durability.  An electromagnet is actuated to engage the diff locking mechanism.

Harrop eLocker
The Harrop eLocker uses magnet to engage the diff lock. With no air lines or pump, it sees increased reliability


Harrop has developed a range of 4 pinion designs for a large range of vehicles.  The gears, splines and internal housings are manufactured in Australia.

We talk about what kinds of driving conditions and tracks you would use a selectable locker for.  We also talk about the difference between front and rear lockers and when you would choose either.

We discuss the next innovations for Harrop, like the PX3.

How hard is an eLocker to fit?  We look at whether it is a DIY solution or if it should be fitted professionally.

Australia elocker manufacturing
The Harrop eLocker is a great Australian manufacturing success story with many of the components of the eLocker manufactured in Australia


A great Aussie manufacturing story with some great innovation and big export wins.

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Heath Moore, Harrop Engineering
A big thanks to Heath Moore, General Manager at Harrop Engineering for discussing eLockers