39 - New 4WDs and Utes coming out with Robert Pepper

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Ford Ranger Raptor

Robert recently drove the new Ford Raptor recently and he gives us his opinion on what it is like to drive.  We talk about the engine and where you could drive the Raptor.  What would it be like towing?  Would Robert buy one?

Jeep Wrangler Ute!  This will be due out next year and looks really interesting.  A ute will fix one of the big problems with the Jeep - lack of space in the cabin, so it will be very popular.  I am pretty keen on checking it out.

What does Robert think about the Colorado ZR1?  Is it something that is worth a look or is it a skip?

What is it that is causing the recent spate of utes that snap their chassis?  Is it related to overloading?

We also discuss tyre pressure management systems.  TPMS are becoming increasingly popular - are they worth the money.

Navarra D40s - is there an issue with the automatic transmission on them when you take them offroad?

Lastly, we bid farewell to Pete Brett, AKA Mr Rum, a regular around a lot of campfires around NSW, Victoria and South Australia.  Mr Rum was out driving through the Victorian High Country when he went around a blind corner and there was a tree across the road.  Despite traveling very slowly, the icy road meant he slid of the side of the road and down the gully.  Our condolences to Jen and Steve and the rest of his family and friends.


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