35 - A weekend of 4WD carnage at Robe

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4x4 Beach Carnage

We talk to Brian, one of the 4x4earth moderators about a long weekend away at Robe where 5 4WDs rolled over.

What happened?  Why?

We also talk about the Granites.  Have you been to the Granites?  Have you driven up there?  Is a 4WD up on the rock one of the most iconic 4 wheel drive selfy shots?


Brian talks about the 32 mile crossing and then on to 42 mile crossing for lunch.

On the way back there is a vehicle stuck with a tyre rolled off the rim and the vehicle was bogged well down in the sand near the water's end, forcing the convoy to take a high line around the bogged truck.  Trev hits a tuft of weed and has a slow rollover.  Brian talks about how they recover Trev's car and the vehicle that was originally bogged.

Why didn't they try to start the vehicle?  How did they get him off the beach?

Brian talks about the recoveries and how no one gets left behind.  There were 5 rollovers in 1 weekend at Robe.

Brian talks about his favourite track, around Arkaroola, which is an amazing part of Australia.  I had never heard of it, it is definitely a hidden gem in Australia.

Arkarool 4 wheel driving



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