30 - The history and access to the Canning Stock Route

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Canning Stock Route history

Between 1,500 and 2,000 a year do the Canning Stock Route.  What is there to see and what is there to do when travelling the CSR.

We talk with Canning Stock Route expert, Phil Binachi about the activities and attractions on the stock route.

The dune systems are an amazing site and an amazing driving experience. 

There is a large amount of aboriginal art some of which is incredibly old. 

There are of course, the wells and a number of graves.

We discuss the work of Track Care and how they are working to maintain the tracks. 

Phil talks about how the 4 wheel drivers are working together with conservationalists to ensure ongoing access to the tracks. 

We discuss the concept of 4WD Tourism and the effect that it has on the economy of Australia as a whole and for rural towns in particular. 

We talk about the access to the Canning Stock Route.  What parts are open and which parts are effected by the weather. 

We answer the big question - how long should you take to do the Canning Stock Route and which way should you travel the Canning?

North to South or South to North, which way should you go?  Phil talks about where you can get your repairs done, which is a bit factor in travelling the Canning.  It is 1,800kms and there is a high chance of vehicle damage, so thinking about repairs is an important part of doing the Canning.

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