29 - The History of the Canning Stock Route with Phil Bianchi

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Canning Stock Route history

Phil Bianchi is a historian and 4 wheel driver who has documented a lot of history of the Canning Stock Route and he has driven the route many times.

From Wiluna to Halls Creek, it runs 1850 kms and was first surveyed in 1906.

We discuss Alfred Canning and his initial trip to survey the Canning Stock Route and the expedition to build the stock route.

The history of the Canning Stock Route is fascinating, with murders, sabotage,Beef barons and a Royal Commission.

We talk about the initial survey and the Royal Commission that followed.  Some of the documents from these early times are still locked up in Government Departments!

In 1908, Canning started construction creating a lot of issues with the local Aboriginals, we discuss these issues and the long term effects.

This is a fascinating discussion about the history of this iconic 4 wheel drive track.


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