26 New 4WDs for 2017 with Robert Pepper

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New 4WD 2017

We talk to Robert Pepper about the new 4x4s coming onto the Australian market in 2017.

There is the Mercedes X Class, JL Wrangler, the new Defender, the L472 Land Rover Discovery.

We also have an update on the MA/MC issue and which companies have worked to fix the issue and which haven't.

We find out about Robert's trip through the Victorian Desert in a Maserati.  That's right - a Maserati.

We also talk about his taking a Jag offroad.

We look at the the trend for less diesel's in Australia and what is the future of low range.

How are safety features going to change the way that we design bull bars?

Lots of interesting stories and great vehicles coming out in 2017.

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Looking forward to the release of the JL Wrangler as well. keen to see what its like specification wise and if it would be enough to tempt me away from my hilux.

Edit: Link to JL Wrangler - [URL]https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/here-is-the-real-2018-jeep-wrangler-unlimited-rubicon/[/URL]

And the dual cab pickup will be known as the JT Wrangler.
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26 New 4WDs for 2017 with Robert Pepper


We talk to Australia's Number 1 4WD journalist about the new and exciting 4WDs coming to the Australian 4WD market in 2017
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