23 - Jason Lock and Sema 2016 - What new products and trends caught his eye

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Sema 4x4 products

SEMA, Specialty Equipment Manufacturer's Association, is the largest trade only automotive show in the world.  Held in Las Vegas, there was 40 kilometers of displays.

ARB and TJM attended with great stands, Harrop Industries.

Bubarope has a greatnew product to help keep 5 wraps of cable on your winch, the Grabber.

We talk about some new Cummins diesel engines that will be coming out the Australia.

We also talk about the differences between the modification legislation in the United States and Australia.

We talk about a Jeep with an Electric engine!

We also talk about the price of Utes and the difference between Australia and the United States.

There is also a really interesting story about how the US protects the intellectual property of their companies - Jason talks about the actions of the US Marshalls and some of the dodgy knock offs that were at the show.

We talk about the new Pressure Perfect tyre pressure management system.  This allows you to air down or air up automatically.  They have done this by designing the Pressure Perfect module to automatically stopping the compressor or airing down once the required pressure has been reached.

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