22 - 4WD Insurance and Roadworthies with Kalen from Club 4x4

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4wd insurance

Check out the trip report from the 9th Annual Victorian Gathering.  A great

We talk with Club 4x4 Insurance.  4x4earth has worked with Kalen from Club 4x4 and we are now recommending Club 4x4.  Check out the link to our insurance link to see how their policies stack up and how they stack up on pricing.  This is a great way to look into your 4WD insurance and 4x4earth gets a rebate, so you are helping keep 4x4earth free and independant for all users across the country.  (We get 200,000 visits a month!)

The big issues a lot of people have issues with is coverage when offroad, and also the price of modifications that you have done.  Often these won't be covered and Club 4x4 has worked hard to ensure that 4WD owners are covered for the

Here is the list of 4WD recovery companies around the country.  If you know another towing service, please put it in there.

Kalen has done quite a bit of research in the MA / MC rating issue with Ford Everists and Jeep Cherokees and Grand Cherokees.



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Submitted by Charlie Sapienza Charlie Sapienza
another good pod cast. i worked as a panel beater and the biggest problem with some insurance company's was when it was claim time. it was good to hear that they would cover most reasonable claims.
Submitted by patriot patriot
patriot submitted a new blog post

22 - 4WD Insurance and Roadworthies with Kalen from Club 4x4


We talk about 4WD insurance, why it is different to normal car insurance and what to look for. We also discuss the big MA / MC issue and what that means for 2016 Ford Everist, Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee owners.
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