13 - The future of 4WDs with Robert Pepper

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Future of 4WDs

What kinds of changes are going to happen to 4 wheel drives over the next 5 years?

Robert Pepper is one of Australia's leading automotive journalists and is very technical.  We discuss what changes are going to effect the 4 wheel drives that come onto the market over the next 5 years.  Robert currently writes for www.practicalmotoring.com.au.

Autonomous Emergency Braking, self driving cars,  bullbar modifications and how these will all change the way we go offroad.

We look at what factors  make a 4 wheel drive fun to drive and what that means for the future designs that we will see offroad.

What will happen with low range?

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Submitted by jace4runner jace4runner
Thank god im not sell my 86 4runner
Submitted by shame dysart shame dysart
this was a very interesting listen it really got me thinking of how boring life maybe in the future and where is technology taking us in general
Submitted by Charlie Sapienza Charlie Sapienza
electric car are not that far from being main stream the only thing holding them back is battery's and there are lots of labs working on them it only takes one break through to open the flood gates.
As for self driving cars i read so much about them and there are trucks that self drive on the interstate in the US the driver has to sit behind the wheel by law but doesn't touch the anything until it time to leave the interstate.
the question that really got my attention was when will it be illegal for a human to drive a car
Submitted by Patriot Patriot
Patriot submitted a new blog post

13 - The future of 4WDs with Robert Pepper


We talk to automotive journalist Robert Pepper about what the future of 4 wheel drives will be.
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