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1 small tray would be great - postage to Albury, NSW - I would prefer to pay via direct bank transfer. Thanks mate, looking forward to making good use of the tray.
Regards Kevin
need to sell clearview extendable mirrors with indicators and roof racks with allen key and keys to lock them to suit car or 4x4 with roof rails , we had them on a prado then sold car currently in singleton area
CAN SOME 1 PLEASE HELP ME ON THIS 1 PLEASE..I have a 1991 Toyota hilux 4x4 deisel it's starting to over heat I've put new water pump new thormastad new hoses and a clutch fan still heats up when I am traveling on the highway I sit on about 80 and when i put the foot down the temp gauge just starts going to hot and when i take the foot off it goes down and my oil isnt milky so i wonder what it could be
Welcome to he forum, what motor do you have, is it turboed, any other mods which could affect temps?
Just spent the long weekend out at TJ's 4wd,camping and hiking park.
Did a small working bee to get some of the tracks cleared.. A little hot but the running water in the river was good... just running but still good on a hot day..
thinking about putting on a trip for next weekend or even the 2nd weekend in feb ....
Could anyone tell me what sort of boost the stock turbo off a td runs and how much would be safe for a healthy n/a
ok , back in sydney for just over a week now.. Looks like i will be Heading to a place called TJ's This trip will be a small working bee after all the rain they had last month, TJ's is a 4WDing and camping private property About 1 & 1/2 hours from sydney. Been a few times.. very layed back type of place and no motor bikes. Some good 4x4 tracks and camp sites are not to bad , other then the drop loos... ( LOL )
Nice. Have you done a catch can? I am looking into it atm.
Rhett HS
Rhett HS
No. The guy that tuned it didnt mention it, and i have read numerous reports of guys that have fitted them but arent finding anything significant in it.

So i dont really know.